Here’s how to grow a strong support community on Social Media

Top 5 social media relationship-building hacks for non-profits and social enterprises

Regular updates, direct interaction and the right content mix are key ingredients of a relationship-building strategy with your stakeholders. And a sound relationship-building strategy is key to building a strong social media support community. Here are 5 simple tricks to keep in mind while you get posting!

  1. Share impact: One of the best ways to inspire loyalty amongst your supporters is by communicating the impact of your work; thereby, involving them in your work beyond passively contributing money to your cause. Show them what you are doing through stories, pictures and videos, and better still, ask people whose lives you are impacting to do the talking for you!
  2. Post useful information: Having a sound content strategy is super important to keep your audience growing and coming back to your page. Make sure you post information that is useful and is of interest to your audience – from volunteering opportunities to free downloads and links to external news related to your cause. Find a good mix of content to post throughout the week. Remember to keep an eye on the analytics – what kind of content gets the maximum engagement, and what kind of post gets shared the most?
  3. Update regularly: Have a social media schedule, and follow it diligently. Remember, how often you post is almost as important as what you post. Make a note of what time your supporters are most active and responsive on the platform and schedule your post during those hours. Use a social media content scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to pre-schedule your posts for the coming week.
  4. Acknowledge support: Did someone share your post? Thank them! Did your post reach 500 likes? Create a “thank you for the likes” poster and put it up. Did your donors help you reach a new project milestone? Post a report on the fund utilization and its results. And how grateful you are for the contribution. Acknowledging support is a great way to inspire further support and interaction on your page.
  5. Direct interaction: While direct communication through social media can reinforce NGO-stakeholder relations, negligence in responding to stakeholder comments or enquiries can damage the trust. Hence, when you post an update, make the time to acknowledge responses and answer queries every day.